How to color your awesome sticker!

Just a couple of tips on your new COLORABLE sticker!

1. For a permanent masterpiece use alcohol based markers such as Sharpies.

2. Crayons work great. 

3. Colored pencils are awesome but can be wiped off so you can do it over and over if you choose.

4. Water-based markers aren't the best option. Probably stay away from these.

When you are all done coloring, remove the back papers and stick to your favorite spot! 

*Our stickers are weather proof but not dishwasher proof. If you stick it to a water bottle we suggest hand washing the bottle, rather than sending it through the dishwasher (although they have been known to survive, just sayin'.) 
**If you take a picture of your colorable sticker and want to post it to social media don't forget to tag us so we can see your awesome work! We'll even post it on our accounts if you are ok with it! @artisticchaosink