Our Story

Short on time? Here's our story in nutshell:

Sisters in law join together to create an epic coloring poster company. We have 9 kids between the 2 of us and 8 are boys!! There's never a dull moment in our homes with so much testosterone. We wanted to create a fun product even our rough and tough boys could use and enjoy. Hence the Premium Ultra Thick Paper Coloring Posters were born. The rest is history.

Love the nitty gritty, keep reading below!

Tara and I (Brooke) have been sisters-in-law for just shy of 20 years. Tara is married to my brother and resides just outside Denver CO. They have 5 amazing kiddos and 2 dogs. I am married with 4 boys and a sweet Cavalier dog, Lottie and reside in Ogden, UT. So now that you have a better idea of who we are and where we are from here is our story.

Two years ago Tara's daughter received a giant coloring poster as a gift and right out of the box it tore. Her daughter was devastated and Tara was more than a little bugged. At that moment ideas started swirling in her head as to how she could make the poster better. After A LOT of research and trial and error with paper and printers etc she found a paper she loved and got to work designing and creating a business. Shortly after starting her business she realized it was more than a one woman job. Queue Me - Brooke! I am also an entrepreneur and Tara asked if I would like to join her on her journey to creating the worlds best coloring posters. Of course I said yes and together we have created Artistic Chaos Ink! 

After selling on Amazon and Etsy for almost 2 years we've decided it was time to branch out and do our own thing. So Artisticchaosink.com was born. With nearly an entire page, single spaced of new ideas we want to develop, create and offer, things are just going to get more fun from here. We hope you come back to see what new things are brewing and popping up. If nothing else we LOVE to have fun and we absolutely LOVE sharing that fun with others.