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Premium Giant Lab Week with Theme Coloring Poster

Premium Giant Lab Week with Theme Coloring Poster

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Our giant lab week coloring posters for 2024 are amazing and so adorable!!
Get your team together and do some R&R with coloring. Also perfect for team building, group activities, and workplace fun!
Our new 2024 designs are fun and will offer hours of coloring joy!

Our posters are truly the best in class because we fill every nook and
cranny with stinking cute bacteria, lab equipment and fun graphics for endless
hours of coloring fun.

⚬ 3 sizes to choose from – big, huge and jumbo (see size chart below).
⚬ Option to personalize the poster with a kid’s name.
⚬ Printed on heavy duty paper so you can use a wide variety of mediums
from coloring pencils to paint to markers (with the exception of alcohol-
based markers).
⚬ Poster comes rolled, NOT folded, so no creases.
⚬ Misprint/flawed posters are already printed, have minor printing or
paper flaws, and CANNOT be personalized.

⚬ Jumbo: 60" wide by 42"tall (152.4 x 106.6 cm).
⚬ Huge: 42" wide x 30"tall (106 x 76.2 cm).
⚬ Big: 30" wide x 21"tall (76.2 x 53.3 cm).

Coloring has so many wonderful health benefits not to mention it's just an enjoyable thing to do. You can do it when you are overwhelmed, stressed or anxious,
you can do it when you are calm, happy and content. Is perfect for just one person or many people to do together.

Our posters are made with high quality, heavy duty paper so you can use
any method you love to color or even paint. This gives you so many more
options to be more creative and try new coloring medians. Blending
colors, mixing paint with marker, or using different pressures on the
crayon or pencil will all give a different feel and look to your artwork. We
recommend crayons, markers, colored pencils, soft pastels, watercolor
paints, acrylic paint, tempera paint, and Puff paint for a 3-D effect. Again,
alcohol-based markers (such as Sharpies) are NOT recommended.

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