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Reverse Coloring Poster - Forrest - Premium Paper

Reverse Coloring Poster - Forrest - Premium Paper

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Get doodling with our reverse or somewhat backwards coloring posters. We give you spectacular color and you create the design. Doodle to your hearts content. There's no rules, no right or wrong way to do it. Give it a try, you might discover something about yourself. Printed on our Premium Ultra Thick paper allows for serious durability and longevity. 

⚬ 3 sizes to choose from – big, huge and jumbo (see size chart below).
⚬ Printed on heavy duty paper so you can use different types of pens, pencils or markers
⚬ Poster comes rolled, NOT folded, so no creases.

⚬ Jumbo: 60" wide by 42"tall (152.4 x 106.6 cm).
⚬ Huge: 42" wide x 30"tall (106 x 76.2 cm).
⚬ Big: 30" wide x 21"tall (76.2 x 53.3 cm).

Doodling is a fantastic thing to do  when you are stressed or anxious, BUT you can also do it when you are calm and happy. Doodling helps you think and even meditate.

Our posters are made with high quality, heavy duty paper so you can use any method you love to draw or mark with. 

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